Pulsar Turbo Systems is a professional turbocharger and turbo parts manufacturer, it was born out of a working relationship with a team of experts with knowledge in every phase of the Turbocharger industry.

Each turbocharger is manufactured with integrity and precision to allow our customers the dependability to take care of theirs! We recognize that quality is the responsibility of every employee, and we ensure that products and services surpass the highest standard.

Pulsar Turbo Systems provides a wide range of turbochargers and parts suitable for all different applications, ex. passenger cars, diesel trucks, racing cars, boats, etc. We understand the industry and the need to reduce downtime through quick turnarounds, at PSR Benelux we focus on the customer’s needs.

Pulsar Turbo Benelux offers a quality-produced performance ball bearing turbochargers at a cost-effective price. Pulsar Turbo are fast becoming a player in the Performance Turbocharger market, causing waves among the performance and tuning branch worldwide. 

Power, reliability and a great looking turbo, are comments made about the Pulsar Turbo range. 2022 looks to be an exciting year for this new player.

No import charges, no duty charges, no extra handling charges applies to our European based customers only.

If you are in the market for a Performance Dual Ball Bearing Turbocharger and don't have the budget for a Garrett G-series or GTX-Series, then our Pulsar Turbo Series are perfect for your needs! As Pulsar turbo guarantees the high performance, reliability and support, you expect from all the other high-end turbo brands! 

By purchasing your Pulsar Turbo ball bearing turbo from Pulsar Turbo Benelux , you can be sure to pay only the price posted in our shop. All units come high speed balanced and are ready to fit with full installation kits.

If you have a question or want to join the Pulsar family, please head over to the Contact us and reach out! We look forward to keeping you running!

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