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PULSAR GT/X Series, G-Series V-Band Flange&Clamp Kit

PULSAR GT/X Series, G-Series V-Band Flange&Clamp Kit

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SKU: 164330103
Size:2.5'' Inlet Kit
  • Full Billet Stainless Steel Flange
  • Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp
  • Slip-on&Weld Desing for Easy Operation
  • Directly Fits Pulsar, Garrett, Tial, etc. Turbine Housings(follow Garrett Specifications)


The Inlet Flange is for 2.5″ OD Tubing

The Outlet Flange is for 3″ OD Tubing

Delivery Time: 2 weeks

Turbo upgrade: Pulsar intake kit for GT/X Series, G-series

Upgrade the turbo system of the GT/X and G series with the Pulsar V-band, Flange&clamp intake kit 2.5”. A kit designed with durability and performance in mind. The ideal choice if you strive for improved performance and reliability.

This intake kit contains:

    1. Full billet stainless steel flange: The inlet kit is equipped with a fully milled stainless steel flange. This high-quality material not only offers durability, but also ensures optimal sealing and heat resistance, extending the life of your turbo system.
    2. Stainless Steel V-Band Clamp: The stainless steel V-Band clamp guarantees a firm attachment, minimizing leaks. This ensures a consistent and reliable connection between the components of the turbo system.
    3. Slip-on & Weld Design for Easy Operation: The easy-to-use slip-on and weld design makes installation a breeze. Whether you're an experienced mechanic or an avid do-it-yourselfer, this kit is designed to simplify the installation process, leaving you more time to enjoy your vehicle's improved performance.
    4. Directly Fits Pulsar, Garrett, Tial, etc. Turbine Housings: This intake kit is compatible with popular turbo brands such as Pulsar, Garrett, Tial, and more, to Garrett's specifications. This ensures seamless integration with your existing turbo system, without the need for major adjustments.