AKR Performance official pulsar turbo systems dealer

AKR Performance official dealer

As a brand representative it's important to work with the best partners in the branche. In this article, we would like to present to you one of our main dealers,  AKR Performance! The AKR Performance name will be familiar to almost every Honda enthousiasts and specialists in Europe! Nevertheless, let us take you through the journey and history of AKR Performance and show you their business,  especially when it comes to Pulsar Turbo Systems!          So who is behind AKR Performance, and what's their story? To best explain this, well take a trip back to 1993. AKR Performance owner Arno Kraaij had just started doing business in car sales, the company was named Auto Kraaij. The company started with selling used cars and they specialised in one car, the Honda CRX. Next to this they also sold used Honda parts. A few years later, Chris Kraaij (Arno’s brother) joined the company and in 2000 the brothers decided to take the business into another direction and added tuning and performance parts to the menu. This is how the new name for AKR Performance was born! For the ones still wondering, AKR stands for Auto Kraaij Racing!   From a beautiful historic town (Harderwijk) in the Gelderland province of The Netherlands, AKR Performance provides performance parts (for Honda) and some universal car parts to all their clients. As Honda experts, they would be able to; provide clients with valuable tips and advice on the best setup for their needs. In their workshop, they can install most of the car parts they sell and provide regular maintenance and repairs on all Honda models. AKR Performance kept growing over the years, and in 2015, they moved from baker street to a brand new building at Noorderbreedte Harderwijk. Also, the staff has expanded over the years. They grow from a team of two to a staff of seven.      During the interview with Chris regarding the history of AKR Performance, we did not leave the opportunity to pass by, to ask some more direct questions. The first one was why they specialised in only Honda. Chris replied; Well, Honda was back then and still is today one of the most tuned brands here in The Netherlands, so we went for it! Last year, AKR Performance became one of our partners for Pulsar Turbos and accessories, and we asked Chris, what his first impression was! Where Chris replied; The first impression is good. It’s an affordable turbo that can meet the demand from the day-to-day petrol head. And AKR Performance will offer the whole Pulsar assortment to our clients!   So now you know a little more about the history of AKR Performance, what they have to offer, and that we welcome them into the Pulsar family as an authorized dealer. However, they won’t be able to install the turbo system themselves on your car, but for sure can assist you with any questions, provide you some advice and supply the best Pulsar Turbo system for your need!